To view your bill, get your Sonis ID number and pin number ready, and follow these 步骤:

  1. 索尼网站
  2. 输入您的9位Sonis ID号码和密码. (If you have zeros in front of your Sonis ID number, make sure to enter all of them.)
  3. Click on the “Billing” tab to view your bill for the current term.

你每年的学杂费分为三个学期. 截止日期在 table below are for students who wish to pay on a per term basis. 如果你选择 注册每月付款计划,请访问 Nelnet.







2023年冬 2023年10月20日 2023年11月17日
2024年春季 2024年2月5日 2024年2月28日



A student beginning enrollment in the Winter or Spring terms will have a payment date 交于该学期开课前两周. 如果你没有遵循 payment plan or have taken out a loan to cover the balance, your balance must be paid 每个学期的第一天. 不付款的风险失去您的注册和/或您的 能够按时开学. 逾期付款可能会被罚款35美元.


  • Paying in Full: Pay your bill on or before the due date each term. 截止日期见上表.
    • Go to http://mycollegepaymentplan.com/bryn-athyn/ to make a one-time payment online using your checking account or a credit/debit card (使用卡时需支付费用).
    • 用现金或支票付款 布莱恩·阿森学院. Please mail checks to the attention of Bursar’s Office at PO Box 462, 2945 College 宾夕法尼亚州布林·阿森街,19009.
    • Pay your bill with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. 你可以付款 person or call the Bursar’s Office at (267) 502-2493 to make a payment over the phone.
  • 签订一个月付款计划:
    • Nelnet校园商业计划: 通过Nelnet校园商务注册每月付款计划. Nelnet允许你 to make regular online payments automatically or manually for a one-time set-up fee of $70. Single term payment plans are also available with a set-up fee of $50 per term. 设置你的 Nelnet每月付款计划.
  • 国际学生: By partnering with Flywire, 布莱恩·阿森学院 offers a fast, convenient, and secure 国际学生的付款方式. 学生可以进行国际支付 with real-time currency conversion, while paying less in fees than what is typically 由银行收取直接电汇费用. 这项服务提供24小时的支持 多种语言. 请访问 flywire.com/pay/brynathyn 了解更多信息.
  • 学院或普通教会的全职雇员 may elect to have their tuition payments deducted directly from their paychecks. If your parent qualifies and wishes to pay all or a portion of your bill via this method, 请联系 媚兰.chiara@anc-gc.org  about an Employee Voluntary Payroll Deduction Authorization for School Fees form. Students can also take advantage of payroll deductions once employed on campus.
  • 预付学费证明 that were purchased by parent(s) in the student's name can be used to cover tuition 和费用. Redeem certificates by returning them to the attention of the Bursar’s Office, 邮政信箱462,布林阿森,宾夕法尼亚州19009.

If at any point during the year you have an outstanding balance and are not following a payment plan, you will not be allowed to register for courses, receive transcripts, 并且可能会被额外收取35美元的滞纳金. 有问题的学生 payments are strongly encouraged to communicate their problem to the Office of the Bursar or the 金融援助 Office to help avoid punitive action.


布莱恩·阿森学院 operates on a trimester system, therefore financial aid funds are 通常按三分之一支付.  经济援助资金将出现在学生的账单上 account as “anticipated financial aid” until after the add/drop period has ended.  This will allow for any financial aid award revisions that may be necessary due to a student’s change in their enrollment status prior to their financial aid awards being credited, including both grants and loans to their billing account for the term.

If a student has a credit balance (displayed in parentheses on billing statement) as a result of a federal direct student loan and/or PLUS loan, the Bursar’s Office will automatically process a 退款 check within 10 days of funds being posted.


Resident students who withdraw prior to the move-in date will be given a full 退款. Commuter students who withdraw prior to the start of classes will be given a full 退款.

提现日期取决于何时 退出形式 完成.


  • Withdrawal within the 1st week —A full tuition 退款 will be issued. 宿舍押金 will be retained and 80% of room and board costs for the term will be credited.
  • Withdrawal within the 2nd week—75% of tuition and room and board costs for the term.
  • Withdrawal within the 3rd week—50% of tuition and room and board costs for the term.
  • 4 .退出th 一周- 25%的学费和食宿费.
  • 在第四周之后,学费和食宿费不予退还.
  • Comprehensive fee prorated to the end of the week during which the student withdraws.
  • All institutional assistance is prorated based upon actual fees charged.
  • Federal financial assistance is adjusted based on the conditions and timing of the 学生退学,按美国有关规定办理.S. 教育部. 法律要求退还所有未赚的资金. 可能导致中期退学 in the student owing unearned funds to the College or the 教育部. Students who are concerned about how a mid-term withdrawal might affect their balance 是否被鼓励联系财政援助办公室.
  • Board fees prorated to the end of the board week in which the student withdraws, plus 食品服务机构收取的间接费用.
  • Payment of 退款s will be made only after the 学期结束 during which a student 退学.


A student is part-time when registration falls below 9 credits for the term.   

  • During the add/drop period of a term, if a student’s registration falls below 9 credits, tuition 和费用 are recalculated and billed according to the per-credit rate. 金融 aid adjustments may also be made based on the new enrollment status. 
  • After the add/drop period of a term and up through the 4th week of class, the tuition bill will be prorated such that the student is charged the full-time rate up to the date of the change, and the part-time rate from the date of the change through the 学期结束. 
  • After the 4th week of the term, no billing adjustments will be made.