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Since 1877, Bryn Athyn College has been providing our students with ways to connect more deeply with their studies, their spirituality, and one another. 除了保护 that post-grad job, we help our students live more fulfilling lives. We are intentionally and proudly small, with an average class size of 14, while our beautiful 130-acre 校园 in the Philadelphia suburbs gives our students room to explore and develop 随着人们.

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The Life of a Lion

When you’re a student at Bryn Athyn, you’ll notice classmates, professors, faculty, and even our president will frequently ask how you’re doing. 独特的转折? 他们 genuinely interested in how you’re doing. It’s a hallmark of our warm, welcoming community that is truly interested in helping our students succeed. Those professors are not just friendly–they’re deeply accomplished scholars, with impressive degrees, experiences, 和简历. 最重要的是? With an average class size of 14, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn directly from them.




位置. 位置. 位置.

美丽的. 宽敞的. 完美无暇的. There’s a positive description for every one of the 130 acres on 校园. While buildings like the Bryn Athyn Cathedral have history and jaw-dropping craftsmanship from a different era, we also have new buildings that meet the needs of today’s students. Here, you can walk from a 100-year-old Gothic cathedral to a year-old state-of-the-art video gaming room. Our 校园 borders the quaint town of Bryn Athyn, which is just 14 miles north of Center City, Philadelphia, giving students the best of many worlds.





Quite simply, we want our students to live rewarding, meaningful lives. 这是很明显 a large goal, but it’s truly in our DNA. Since our founding, we have been dedicated to a New Church approach to education and life. We welcome all faiths and seek curious thinkers who ask questions and are interested in deepening their spirituality. No 判断. No attempts to convert. Simply a goal to “do good.” Learn more about Swedenborgian theology from our friends at offTheLeftEye and the New Church.


Some Numbers From A School That Never Treats Our 学生 Like One.



Student to Faculty Ratio


Average On-校园 Class Size


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学生 Participate in Athletics


学生 Participate in Experiential Learning

   Information taken from NCES College Navigator  


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